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SMART School is an All-Ukrainian School, in which innovative interdisciplinary STEM projects with students of grades 3-11 are being created. The created laboratories of microelectronics allow us to implement the concept of IoT, technology ‘Smart Home’ and ‘Smart Growing’, create robots, weather stations, etc.
The highlight of the project is that the electronic aeronaut in real time will transfer all the information received to the site ThingSpeak.
Students will be able to check by means of own observations how the pressure, relative humidity and air temperature change with the increase of height.  Camcorders and network video recorders will be filming the panorama of the area and will examine the biodiversity and plant life of our area from different heights. We are planning to raise our aeronauts to a height of 500 m. The obtained data will be used at the lessons of Physics, Biology, Geography, etc.
Also, we are planning to connect gas sensors that will allow us to evaluate the air quality and compare it to different regions: in Chervonograd, where are mines, and where there is garbage near Lviv,  in Odessa, where are industrial enterprises, in Kharkiv and in the countryside. In addition to filming the panorama of the area, we will show all the spontaneous landfills.
In preparation for the launch of “smart” balloons with microcomputers and video cameras for research, students along with the teacher:
  • of Chemistry – have studied the properties of gases, learned to extract them according to formulas and reactions;
  • of Physics – have calculated the necessary volume and type of gas to take off the balloon to a certain height, have designed a “backup plan” for the safe landing of microcomputer and sensors;
  • of Computer Science and Mathematics – have carried out calculations, planned algorithms of actions and understood the ICT part of the project.
We believe that learning in the real world outside the classroom, as well as genuine practical experiments, will bring better results than traditional learning using the textbook. The education of young innovators who are capable of changing our country for the better should begin with genuine enthusiasm, a deep motivation to learn and approach tasks from different perspectives.
The sets of microelectronics that are needed to implement the project will become the tools of motivation. They will help expand the range of activities in class and beyond, develop computer literacy among students, improve communication between them, increase their creativity, and demonstrate the practical use and connection with subjects taught in school.
Modern education needs steps ahead. It is necessary to teach children to use modern information technology, to motivate students, to show practical meaning, to direct all knowledge in the right way.

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