• Current: 6,347
  • 12%
  • Backers: 33
“Artel – the past in modern”

We want to revive folk crafts and artistic trades, create a creative space and free to engage with interested children, get the experience of real masters and together to incarnate the desirable in life.

  • Current: 5,552
  • 11%
  • Backers: 21
Територія дружньої співпраці

Ми — команда однодумців. Наша Ольгинська школа вже має вдало реалізований проект на платформі і готові спробувати свої сили знову. Ми вирішили створити «Територію дружньої співпраці» — місце для дітей з особливими освітніми потребами і не тільки.

  • Current: 1,368
  • 2%
  • Backers: 10
ComeУнікум — тренінговий центр

Ми — активісти «ComeУнікум», які прагнуть створити тренінговий центр активного спілкування для старшокласників міста Маріуполь. Ми хочемо бути центром розвитку молодіжної громади.

Expected to be co-financed by UCBI II
  • Current: 28,822
  • 54%
  • Backers: 13

Кожний шкільний ранок починається банально і нудно. А хочеться заряду позитивними емоціями на цілий день. Легко! Інформування, розваги, привітання зі святами, знайомство з цікавими людьми — все це шкільне радіо.

Expected to be co-financed by UCBI II
  • Current: 30,949
  • 56%
  • Backers: 52
“Step to the Stars”

We have talents – only the conditions for their development are needed! At the international competition of singers in Dnipro school student got the 3 rd place. Help students become the first!

Expected to be co-financed by UCBI II
  • Current: 33,807
  • 57%
  • Backers: 14
Interactive Learning Lab «Linguistics»

Equipping the laboratory with modern interactive equipment will allow students of a philological profile in the gymnasium to perceive and use the knowledge of state language in their life.

Expected to be co-financed by UCBI II
  • Current: 34,078
  • 58%
  • Backers: 55

Branches - Students - Television. Is it something incompatible? Be sure that something unnecessary in your city can be useful and creative. And it can make money. Nature and students will be happy!

  • Current: 902
  • 2%
  • Backers: 4

We want to create a school natural lad for growing vitamin and spicy plants. Let’s do both – grow useful and delicious plants and prepare good specialists for agriculture sector!

  • Current: 27
  • 0%
  • Backers: 3
Reading online

We are planning to create a new modern european service, that could be interesting for our users. We would like children to enjoy reading and want to use all media hat could help to ...

  • Current: 8,022
  • 13%
  • Backers: 5
Designer-Lab “The Safe City”

A community of students who will work with designers to design a vision of a safe city, model problem situations and learn to make informed decisions.

  • Current: 2,125
  • 4%
  • Backers: 10
Copernicus center

A project, that will make the space closer to our pupils and will help to understand it better.

  • Current: 1,352
  • 2%
  • Backers: 5
“Restless hearts”

We want to create a space for free communication of students, their parents, and people of our town, which will help people of different ages to reach an understanding, and encourage unity of generations.

  • Current: 2
  • 0%
  • Backers: 1
“Without borders”

Наша команда прагне змінити шкільне життя, зробити його більш вільним та демократичним. Ми мріємо створити відкритий простір, де дорослі та молодь матимуть змогу реалізуватися в різних галузях освіти чи громадській діяльності.

  • Current: 1,457
  • 3%
  • Backers: 16
ScHool LiFe

School is not only about learning. ScHool LiFe Media Studio will help students to fulfill and express themselves, unlock their creative potential, and have a great time.

  • Current: 712
  • 1%
  • Backers: 11
School media space

We are the team of general education school in Dmytrivka (Donetsk region). We want to create the mediaspace for students, who can apply the knowledge acquired in IT lessons, and fulfil our creative potential. ...

  • Current: 1,603
  • 3%
  • Backers: 9
The smart-yard

How do you think, what education is? A classroom? Books? Exercise-books? Desks? We don’t think so! That’s why we have an idea! We’d like to change our school yard and turn it into an ...

Expected to be co-financed by UCBI II
  • Current: 36,602
  • 63%
  • Backers: 20

Creating a school media center will give children the opportunity to broadcast their thoughts and ideas on radio and video. We plan to launch school news and dreams of reconnecting the radio station.

Expected to be co-financed by UCBI II
  • Current: 29,716
  • 56%
  • Backers: 90
Theatrical workshop «Kids Time»

The time has come for developed, initiative and creative children. We want to change ourselves and to change the space in the school where we work and study. That's why our slogan is "Modern ...

  • Current: 50,150
  • 100%
  • Backers: 35
We know. We are able to. We are acting

The ability to provide first-aid help can save the LIFE. We already have some theoretical knowledge in this area. In order to be able and, if necessary, do the right thing - we ...

Expected to be co-financed by UCBI II
  • Current: 36,000
  • 60%
  • Backers: 29
Sensory room “Harmony”

Students, teachers, and parents will find harmony with the world around them. This room will help to avoid overload, activate the brain and solve psychological problems.

Expected to be co-financed by UCBI II
  • Current: 25,975
  • 51%
  • Backers: 87
Space developing “DREAM”

Всім привіт! Ми - молодь з невеликого промислового міста Лисичанська. Ми прагнемо змінити буденне та сіре життя міста на кольорове, створивши вільний простір для відпочинку та розвитку.

Expected to be co-financed by UCBI II
  • Current: 25,117
  • 50%
  • Backers: 15
The world is one for all

Specially equipped room will help children with special educational needs to restore their psychophysiological state. During the joint classes with elementary school students they can fulfil their creative potential and make new friends.

  • Current: 60,018
  • 100%
  • Backers: 60
Mediation. Peer-to-peer.

Жити в сучасному світі означає вміти вирішувати будь-які конфліктні ситуації мирним шляхом. Ми пропонуємо медіацію. Медіація – крок до примирення, а медіатор – посередник у вирішенні конфліктів.

  • Current: 60,910
  • 102%
  • Backers: 92
“Astrovisium” Astronomical Center

Astrovisium is a scientific, research and entertainment centre which combines different fields of science. It is a place where you can plunge into the depths of the universe. This is the first step towards ...

Expected to be co-financed by UCBI II
  • Current: 29,660
  • 54%
  • Backers: 6
Mobile music theatre

The project of mobile children's musical theater! Our actors are pupils of the Children's School of Arts, who professionally sings the viewers from the stage professionally and plays sincerely on various musical instruments.

Expected to be co-financed by UCBI II
  • Current: 33,770
  • 60%
  • Backers: 54
STEM space

STEM + physics + chemistry = creative, intelligent person who is ready to search and discover. Do you want to work on interesting projects, explore secret places of nature, develop your IT skills? Then ...

  • Current: 50,121
  • 100%
  • Backers: 5

The cultivation of ecologically clean organic vegetables for a year, research practice, and business skills - that is all about our project.

  • Current: 5,560
  • 8%
  • Backers: 30
Happy tram

Do you want urban transport to look cool? We also! So, we decided to turn one of the trams, which rides Kiev to a true art object.

  • Current: 12,317
  • 15%
  • Backers: 38
Smart School: Electronic Aeronautics

SMART School is an All-Ukrainian School, in which innovative interdisciplinary STEM projects with students of grades 3-11 are being created. The created laboratories of microelectronics allow us to implement the concept of IoT, ‘Smart ...

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