We seek to build partnership based on shared values and ideas. We believe in synergy and power of joint influence. Education is a cross-cutting system which does not end at school or university, and changes in it are possible with the involvement of different social players.


You can also become:


Co-investor of educational changes

We invite foundations and responsible business to work in synergy and develop educational projects with the same mission and strategy as the organisation or company has.

Example #1

  • Company or foundation defines the amount to be used to support the educational projects and chooses the topic of project proposals which should be prepared within a specified period of time – Educational Challenge.
  • Invited educational experts conduct a preliminary assessment of project proposals.
  • As a result, selected participants (teams) launch their crowdfunding campaigns at GoF platform.
  • The budget is covered partialy by the raised funds and partialy by the funds of co-investors.




  • If you are involved in creating favourable conditions for educating children and development of local community in your region or locality, we can design a program together, in which educators, students and community representatives will get skills of designing projects and conducting crowdfunding campaigns. Thus, part of funds can be raised by using opportunities of community funding, and other part will be covered by your financial support. These skills will be needed in the future during implementation of new projects.


In addition, we are ready to experiment creating new forms of cooperation. We look forward to your suggestions, please write us at


Our media partner

Sometimes our country lacks good news and people lack the examples how a small initiative can become the beginning of great changes. But we are lucky to work every day with people who we want to tell about, who inspire and create a new world. We are ready to share our stories with you, just write us at


GoF Ambassador

If you care about education development, if you know people who have ideas but do not know how to put them into effect, tell them about us. Tell about GoF platform in your news feed in social networks, invite friends to like our Facebook page, or just send a link to our website. Let there be more educational dreams fulfilled!



Teachers who submit their projects at GoF platform often need help with filming, taking photos, promoting project during crowdfunding campaign, running a Facebook page of the project. So if you want to help the author of project and you are a skillful photographer, videographer etc., please fill out an application form and we will put you in contact with the author who needs help!