GoF – educational crowdfunding platform

We believe that better education is one of the most important things we can provide our children with. Its development depends on the involvement of everyone, including students, teachers, parents, people without kids and those whose kids are already adult. We are convinced that education is developing in experimental way from small initiatives to system changes, from the influence on 20-30 students to the impact on the entire country.

We trust the experience of those who teach and study at school and at home, in sections and summer camps. Step by step, they prove that the crisis of education can be overcome with perseverance and desire to depart from the outdated traditions of teaching. They unite parents, alumni, founders from everywhere around their ideas.

That is why we created GoF, the educational crowdfunding platform where everyone can launch a campaign to raise funds for the implementation of his or her own educational initiative or make a financial contribution and thus support the positive changes in Ukrainian education.


History of GoF

The first project was launched at the platform in March 2016. At that time we were dreaming about changes timidly, and that is why the first project budget was only ₴8000. Oleh Popov, the physics teacher from Sloviansk used the collected funds to create a space for physical experiments of his students. The space became popular in school within two years, and Oleh with his colleague, the chemistry teacher came back to the platform in order to launch a new project which will give students an opportunity to conduct more complex experiments.


Six months later, 6th grade students Nikita and Sofiia-Khrystyna came up with the idea to set up a compost system on the school ground to convert organic waste from the school cafeteria into compost. They used GoF platform to raise funds for the implementation of their idea. The project had a success among benefactors, and setting up the first compost system was just the beginning of the history of “Compola” project. More than 30 schools joined the students initiative during the year. The project was subsequently supported by the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources and the Ministry of Education and Science, as a result of which another 200 schools will start composting in autumn 2018.


Seven successful crowdfunding campaigns were conducted by the participants of the all-Ukrainian hub schools project “Pilot 24”, including providing a Skype platform for communication with peers in German classes, construction of sports grounds, and creation of online library. These schools are designed to provide children with equal access to quality education, and it seems that such engagement of teachers and students (since among the authors of the project were seniors as well) is a good way to achieve the aim.


We launched a separate branch of teenage projects in autumn 2017 since we noticed that their ideas have considerable potential for implementation. As a result, territory for free thoughts “Gromada space” will soon be created in a village near Kyiv, the first roller rink will appear in Berezivka, TV lab journalism studio will operate at full capacity in the Richelieu Lyceum, and a stage for performances as well as a room for workshops and discussions will finally appear in school #13 in Khmelnytskyi.


In March 2018 GoF platform turned 2, and that is what we have accomplished so far:


We are now implementing Easter Meetings program in which 112 teams of educators and students from Luhansk and Donetsk regions are working on their own projects development.


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